1. Anders Petersen Interview.

    Anders Petersen: Soho Projects from The Photographers’ Gallery on Vimeo.

    Anders Petersen has been working in London’s Soho for several weeks, as part of his Soho Projects residency commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery. Immersing himself in its bars, cafes, homes and hotels - creating a very personal portrait of one of city’s most vibrant areas.

    In this video Petersen talks about his time in London, his working processes, and previous projects including the seminal Cafe Lehmitz.

    Anders Petersen (b.1944), one of Sweden’s most noted photographers, is known for his influential, intimate and personal documentary-style black-and-white photography.

    Find out more here: photonet.org.uk/​index.php?pid=550

    A lovely video with Anders Petersen, made by The Photographers’ Gallery during his time in Soho, about his work and the Soho project. I’m still amazed I got to spend 10 days working with Anders and really have to thank Stefanie, Karen and Janice. Enjoy the video, it’s a great insight into his methodology and thoughts - Anders Petersen, what an incredible man and photographer.

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